About Tiny Goat

Tiny Goat is an art collective that aims to amplify creative works informed by environmental science. We’re stubbornly committed to addressing the chronic failure of imagination surrounding climate change, and more immediately, we’re passionate about building empathy and emotional resilience during this hot and hostile era.

Our offerings:

  • This semi-regular newsletter on Substack, with thought-provoking eco-inspired art, good news from the climate frontlines, and nature-inspired creative prompts

  • Our bookshop dedicated to climate fiction and other environmental books

  • Interviews & online events with eco artists and environmental scientists (coming soon)

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Science-inspired creative prompts to collectively reimagine the future of our environment


Sandra K. Barnidge is a writer in Alabama. She's the co-founder of Tiny Goat, an eco arts collective dedicated to inspiring sustainable change through creativity.